Friday, September 03, 2010


Maybe it is because I’m a speech teacher, but I’m big on communication.  I know I’m not always perfect, but I think active and clear communication is important.  I think what frustrates me most about my job, relationships and life in general is poor communication.  I’m not complaining because of anything in particular at the moment, but it just seems that communication is lacking in several areas right now.  My district has been horrible about communication.  Decisions are made without input from key people and then when something is implemented it is “just because” without really an explanation as to the why behind it. 

I finally heard from Matthew.  Turns out he has been sick again with a bad cold or allergies.  So much for getting together soon.  I did tell him to let me know when he feels better because I wanted to take him out to dinner and he said he would like that.  I guess that is a good sign but the lack of communication from him still bothers me a bit.  I just think that if a guy is really into me, he would stay in touch more. 

It was another busy day at school.  My classes worked on some posters of Maslow’s hierarchy.  I got a little bit of grading done.  I planned ideas for the next week since I’ll miss school on Wednesday for a yearbook meeting.  I updated 20 computers today.  I didn’t stay late though.  I left within 30 minutes of the end of school.  I skipped lunch so I picked up Wendy’s for dinner.  Now I’m having a beer and watching some t.v.  I tried to get my yearbook cover done tonight but it just didn’t happen.  I finished a basic design but I’m now rethinking it and just need to step back from it.

I’m going to go back up to the school and work tomorrow.  I know it is the weekend, but there’s just too much to do.  I also need to start my grad school homework.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been wanting to go to bed really early the past few nights.  Last night I took an ambien and slept well, but was out by 9:00 and slept until 5:30 a.m.  Tonight I’ll sleep without it but it is only 8:00 p.m. and I’m already feeling sleepy.

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Anonymous said...

Communication is it - I agree fully. But it must be learned and trained. And sometimes I think nowadays with means of "total communication" all around it is even more difficult: Content needs to be built up and thought needs to be put in, the rest is twitter. The instruments become faster, but the brains and ways of thinking are the same.
What you describe about the finding or decisions is a typical thing, I could watch this in companies here - even in one which has "communication" as business! It's only a one-way-use - we deceide, you act, no need to ask or explain. It's even more embarrassing because today the possibility to let everybody know are so easy at hand, one mail and everybody involved is on the same level of information. In the organisations I had to deal with it was mostly the case of a pretty weak leading etage: their quarrels poisoned the whole "climate" within, it became in one case that bad that two departements litteraly worked against each other.
Communication is based on trust, if one crumbles the other will follow.