Monday, September 13, 2010


It seems like every day at school I’m constantly going.  I’m not sure how things are getting done.  I have been actively teaching and working with students daily.  No down time to work on anything else.  My conference period is spent working on lesson plans, grading, and a myriad of other tasks to be done.  Today I didn’t do much library work – mostly listened to the librarian rant a bit about her duties as technology facilitator.  I spent the ISS period updating grades in the online gradebook so I could print out progress reports for students since tonight was back to school night.  I was surprised how many parents came by.  A little over half of my parents came and signed in.  So with parent night, I was at the school for a little over 12 hours today leaving shortly after 8:00 p.m. 

I had a paper due today and got it written yesterday but needed time to edit so I did that before the parents starting coming.  I uploaded it a short while ago.  Now I have to get my quest, talking point, and evaluation done for this week.  Those assignments are due Wednesday.  Since I haven’t heard from Matthew, I’m assuming he has no intention to join me for dinner this week so I guess that means I’ll have tomorrow to work on that.  Yes, the signs were all there and I chose to ignore them.  I’m just waiting for the official word from him – which I’m sure will eventually come as a text message instead of telling me face to face. 

But in other news – I did hear from one of the other eharmony guys again, so who knows if that will go anywhere.  This guy is younger at 36 and has never been married.  He is a journalist.  If I meet him at some point, I’ll give him a pseudonym and give you the scoop.  Otherwise, there’s not much to tell other than we’ve emailed a few times. 

I’ve been taking a benadryl before bed lately because it seems that my allergies kick up around 8:00 each evening.  Tonight I’m not feeling it but debating whether I try to sleep without taking anything or take an ambien tonight.  But it’s already getting late so I’m going to head to bed and see what happens.  If my mind is still racing in 30 minutes, I’m going for the drugs. 

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