Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Had a lovely time

My date was perfectly nice.  We went out to dinner and visited a long while, then came back to the house and visited for about 15 minutes.  Did just a little kissing and he had to head back since we both work tomorrow.  I did get confirmation of something at dinner though.   I asked him if the following was a true statement:

“You like me, but you’re hesitant to encourage me because you think you might fall for me and you’re not sure you’re ready for a relationship.”

He said that yes, it was an accurate statement noting that he needed to work out his issues with staying here before he could commit to anything more.  He said it would be a slow process.  But he also agreed that there is something about me that intrigues him and he likes.  So we’ll see where things go.  I do like him a lot.  I can’t really explain why, but I feel comfortable around him, I enjoy talking to him and just being with him.  He makes me feel good.  And that is a really nice change.  I smile when I get a text from him. 

It’s going to be a busy week.  Tomorrow I might have dinner with Marty.  He’s in the area on his way to Albuquerque and will be here for a few days.  Friday I have to work the class supper so I’ll stay in Hereford for a burger.  Saturday Matthew is going to come over and mow my lawn – he offered because I had told him I was going to call and get an estimate so I wouldn’t have to do it and he said it would just take 20 minutes.  I told him that I would make him dinner so now I have to plan what I can cook for him.  My choices are limited since I don’t have a working oven right now. 

Well, it’s 10 and I need to get to bed.  It’s been a very good day. 

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Anonymous said...

I really hope it's the beginning of something good.