Thursday, August 02, 2007

Better late than not at all

I guess since it's after midnight I actually missed a day of posting. My apologies to my biggest fan Andrew (and anyone else that may have been disappointed going all day without reading about my boring life.) I got up sometime before 8 this morning and was headed to Hereford before 9:00. I keep getting myself in deeper with this painting crap. (Sorry... it's just taking longer than expected.) Although I got the Kilz paint that is guaranteed one coat coverage over any existing color, it doesn't seem to cover maple colored paneling very well. I painted the non-paneled wall (chalkboard wall) yellow but had to do a lot of brush painting because there were lots of small spaces between computer wiring that couldn't be painted with the roller. I also had to patch another area on a different part of the wall and I had to leave by 2:30 to get back home in time to shower before heading to Lubbock. I left closer to 2:45 but took a quick shower, got dressed and we were out the door by 4:00. I had to pick up some cash and get gas and then Josh drove to Lubbock while I read my book. We had dinner at Chili's and then went to the stadium.

We found our seats which were pretty good. 50 yard line fairly high up with a good view of the field except for the very tall/large gentleman in front of me. The first half of the show was pretty decent and we saw some good corps. We had an intermission and then the weather took a turn for the worse. The first corps after the intermission started their show but it was interrupted halfway through because a storm was coming in. We exited the stands to go to the covered area below and wait it out. We waited for about 45 minutes and the rain didn't show any sign of letting up. Finally they canceled the rest of the show. We were very disappointed. We didn't get to see the top corps that Josh and I really wanted to watch. We were out the $23 each for the tickets, plus the cost of gas. We stuck around a bit longer to let the crowd thin and the weather let up some before we headed back. I got to see a friend of mine from college and visit with him and his wife for a bit. We left around 10:45 and got in shortly before 12:30. Now I'm tired and I'm going to head to bed. I don't know what time I'm going to Hereford tomorrow, but I'm going to finish come hell or high water. (Ooops I shouldn't say things like that.)

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