Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's hot here

I guess I should break down and turn on the air conditioner. I haven't done much the past two days. Yesterday I sat in my chair with my computer in front of the t.v. most of the day. I did load the dishwasher and go to the grocery store once Josh got home. At least there's food in the house now. Yesterday I had a steak for lunch. I couldn't find anything else to make and being out of milk limited some of my choices. I broke my record playing word yahtzee yesterday with a score of 496. One of my students emailed me yesterday asking when the first speech tournament is. I think he's excited about it. That's a good sign. I'm expecting some dissent next year and some kids bowing out, but I think that's to be expected. There are some that aren't up to the challenge.

I need to get started working on my workshop for next week. My former boss is coming by today to drop off a CD for me to use. I'm just not motivated at the moment. Since I'm not painting this week I need to get myself to start walking again. Well, that's all going on here today.

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