Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just had a weird dream

I went to church early this morning... barely. I got up shortly after 7:00 despite my alarm having issues. I had to iron Josh's shirt and then I was going to take a shower but had to wait for Josh to take his. Yes, there's two showers in the house, but if both are going at the same time, it affects the water temperature. I quickly took shower and got ready and we left shortly before 8:00 so that he could rehearse beforehand. I brought him home after church and headed back to go to class, but it was canceled today. So I came home and watched the post secret video and then decided I was still tired so I went back to bed. That's when I had the weird dream. O.k. it wasn't totally off the wall, but really strange. I dreamed that Josh and I went to New York in order to watch a Broadway play. We were going to see the musical Chess which is an older musical that I'd never seen, but perhaps you know the song that made the 80's hit chart "One Night in Bangkok." We got there and our seats weren't together and the theatre was really strange. The seats were kind of haphazard and some were in rows and some were in front of tables. My seat was supposed to be in front of a table but it didn't reach it and the chairs were strange. Some rolled, some were just cushions. I saw several people I know in real life there but they were people that I haven't seen in some time or really know very well. I thought it was strange to be at a show in New York with so many familiar faces. I can't explain the show, but it was strange. It's hard to explain, but I just thought it was weird. Then I woke up and decided to heat up some left over pizza for lunch.

I just had one of those pointless IM conversations with one of those guys that pretend to be someone successful but you can tell by the way they talk that they're either not from the US or they didn't graduate from high school. When I told the guy I didn't think he was being honest, he finally ended the conversation. What a waste of time... not that I'm accomplishing much at the moment.

Today I've got to figure out what I need printed for my upcoming workshop. I guess I should get started instead of looking up pointless information online.

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