Friday, August 03, 2007

I hope I finish today

I really hope that I'm able to finish the main painting today. I'm really sick of painting right now. My body is sore; I'm tired; and I just want it to be done! It would have been easier had I had any kind of help, but I've been doing it by myself for the past week. I put the word out to my students via email and facebook and none of them has any inclination to come help. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to spend the last part of my summer up at school painting. As you know, I have very few friends to speak of and those that are friends either work or have other things to do and can't help. So I guess I'm on my own as always. I know that I made my bed and have to lie in it. I didn't have to paint the room, but it was pretty ugly. Not as ugly as the previous room which was painted pink and green. I just want my room to be a reflection of my taste. I want it to be an enjoyable place to teach and hopefully to learn. Right now I'm waiting for my brother to call so I can take Josh to work and then I'll head to Hereford and paint once again.

I know that you're probably tired of hearing me gripe about painting, but this blog is about my life and that is what it consists of now. I have nothing else to share. I haven't talked to any interesting people, gone anywhere interesting. I come home, make dinner and watch t.v. or play word yahtzee on my computer. I did go get some cat food last night but I figure you don't want to hear about that either.

I don't have any grand thoughts to share either. I sometimes hate that my life is so dull but the moment I usually complain about it is when I get hit with something tragic (like having to buy a new engine or a broken refrigerator). My love life is still non-existent and I'm coming to terms with that slowly. I still don't like it but I just go with it. My house is a mess (one of those other interesting topics I always mention). One thing that has been positive for me has been going to church. It is something I still enjoy being a part of but even that has waned to some degree with the music director being gone and I haven't played or sung with the choir in a long time. I still go to class but it's about to wrap up in the next two weeks.

I'm sad that I haven't been able to ride any roller coasters this summer. I had grand intentions to go visit Andrew and get to Six Flags over Georgia, but it didn't work out. I still hope to visit him some day if he is inclined to have me. My summer is coming to an end and I still feel as though I haven't had my vacation. I'm not ready to go back to school because I have a million things to do before then. (Like finish painting and then unpack, arrange and sort my stuff when it's moved.) I have lessons to plan and a new computer program to use in creating them. Teachers head back the 20th and the students return the 27th which is later than usual thanks to a new state law. At least we get an extra 10 days or so this year. I think next week I'm going to stay home from school. (Assuming the painting is done.) The following week I have to teach a yearbook workshop that I'll prepare for the weekend before.

Well, I've rambled on enough. I have no idea why some you continue to visit this place, but I appreciate it. I'll stop whining now. Really. I mean it. O.k. for the moment - but it wouldn't be the Story of my Life if I didn't have something to complain about, right?


Terri said...

we visit because you seem like a nice genuine person and you have a way with words. And sometimes it's nice to get lost in someone else's life for just a few minutes; good or bad or boring! :o)

Anonymous said...

hm, she's right.

Anonymous said...

Paint on the wall is not drying that fast, it looks blotchy for at least 12 hours or so - in this room is no window to the outside - or I saw none on the pictures - so it will take some time to change the air completely etc. - I am sure it will look good, no more cow-head on the wall ...
It is a pleasure to read your blog.

Summer said...

My reason? I like you and you inspire me in many ways.

Cheryl said...

I visit because you're real. You talk about your life. In some ways, you remind me of me. Like with the painting. I get into something, and that's my life for that period. I'm sure people are tired of hearing about my vacation, but what else am I going to write about now?

Great about your painting, btw. Are you done filling in the lines?

I also liked your 2 posts where you answered questions. Good idea.