Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shopping excursion

I didn't go to Hereford today as planned. I went shopping instead. I wanted to continue to take advantage of the sales tax holiday despite the enormous crowds. I intended to get up early and head out by 8:00 a.m. but it didn't work out that way. I'm not sure how much sleep I got last night, but I know it wasn't very much. I went to bed at 10:30 but was still awake at 11:30 so I gave up and got up for a while. I got on the computer until around 12:30 then watched t.v. until 1:30. At that point I went back to bed. Josh was getting up to get ready for the freshman kidnapping breakfast that the band was having. He had to pick up two of the freshmen at 3:00 a.m. and take them to the park where they had breakfast. I still hadn't fallen asleep by the time he left. I guess I slept a little after that off and on but it wasn't solid. I got up around 9:00 and started getting ready.

I headed to the mall and went to JC Penny's. Shopping is such a chore. I tried on probably a dozen pieces of clothing but only ended up buying two shirts and a pair of pants. Everything was on sale, so that was a plus. Then I headed to Dillards. I tried on probably 6 or 7 pieces and ended up with only a pair of gray slacks. I paid full price for them but at $30 it was reasonable. They fit well and the material is nice and thick. After that, I went to Sears. I didn't find a whole lot there. I tried on maybe 6 things and only got one shirt. Luckily it was on sale for only $10.

After the mall, I headed to Target. I was disappointed in the clothing selection there. I didn't find anything worth trying on. I looked at shoes, but didn't find anything I wanted. I wanted to find a round table cloth for a table in my classroom and there wasn't anything. I did get a toaster oven though. I have one that my aunt bought me for Christmas two years ago that I used at school, but since I brought it home, it has become a permanent appliance in my kitchen. They had a basic toaster oven for only $16 so I decided to get it to have at school.

I went to Kohl's and tried on a pair of black slacks and about six different shirts and none of them worked for me. I found some curtains that I wanted to get for my window in my room at school, but I didn't want to pay the price for them. I thought I'd leave empty handed, but I did find a watch. Mine works, but it's paint splattered so I decided to get a new one. It was on sale for $13.

By that time it was 2:30 and I was starving so I went to Applebee's for lunch. I had the Fiesta Lime Chicken which was very good. When I finished lunch, I went over to Fashion Bug. I finally found two tops that fit and I liked. I wish clothing sizes were consistent. I'm at an awkward size that makes it difficult to find things that fit sometimes. I'm a size 16 regular most of the time. I'm 5'4 (if I stand up straight in shoes) so I'm borderline petite. Regular long sleeve shirts and jackets are usually too long in the sleeve. Petite size 16 fits in the sleeve, but the fit is usually too tight. Women's size 16W is too big. Once in a while I can find a 14W that works. Pants tend to be too long in regular sizes but the short lengths are often too short.

I didn't find shoes today and I desperately need some new ones for school. I still want a new pair of khaki slacks as well. I could always use new shirts and blouses. I may try to finish up shopping tomorrow afternoon. I'm thoroughly exhausted now.


abbagirl74 said...

Oh how I wish I could have gone shopping with you. I love to shop sometimes when I am in the mood to just hang out. I like to clothes shop only if I have friends to go with. It just makes it fun. Perhaps if we get together one day, we can do just that. Have a super Sunday!

Summer said...

My GAWD woman! You exhaust me!

Cheryl said...

Yep, I'm exhausted too. You did a lot of shopping today. What stamina. I don't like to shop. I started wearing my own 'uniform' at work last year. Black top and bottom with a black smock. I like to think it looks professional. Really I do it because it's so easy.

Have a great Sunday...

Annabel said...

Abbagirl, that would have been awesome. Maybe one of these days we can meet in Oklahoma City and go shopping. I would like to have a friend to go shopping with, but I guess some people don't have my stamina because when I go with others, I don't get much done.

Summer - I exhausted myself today. I was too tired to make dinner so I ordered take out.

Cheryl - I wish I could get away with that kind of uniform. Being a teacher we're supposed to look "professional" every day. I always need new clothes each year as I wear my stuff out (or grow out of it).

Terri said...

I feel your pain Annabel! Clothing sizes are inconsistent and the larger the size I've gotten the less I like the crowds and constantly visiting the changing rooms only to leave disappointed! Sounds like you were successful though and you saved tons in tax!