Friday, August 03, 2007

Wishful Thinking

I'm getting closer. Really. I am. I have high hopes to be finished with the painting tomorrow. I did finally get started with the yellow paint. My body must be getting used to the torture. I didn't feel as sore today. I picked up Josh from work at five. He got his first paycheck today. He made $168. He put 10% into saving and deposited the rest. I still need to get him a bed and hopefully we'll do that this weekend. I've been invited to watch a movie at a friend's house tomorrow night. I will probably go just to get myself out of the house and away from anything related to painting.

I made pork chops for dinner. I was going to make some cheesy mashed potatoes but Josh used most of the milk for his cereal so I had to make mac-n-cheese since it only required 1/4 cup of milk. I watched Monk and Psych tonight and played a bunch of games of word yahtzee. I found a new addictive game. I'm going to bed soon as I have to head back to Hereford in the morning.

Thanks for the comments today Terri, Mago and LAB. I was just a bit moody this morning I guess. I think for the most part I am nice and genuine, but I have my faults like most people. Like just the other day I got snippy with someone online for no particular reason. I guess I haven't shelved my inner bitch altogether. I blame it on female issues. Yeah... that's it. Oh well... I should get to bed so I can slave away for another day. (Oooh.. that rhymes!)


Susanlee said...

Poor girl, don't work yourself into the ground! Where's Josh working at? I must have missed that post. I worked at United the whole time I was in high school. Now when we go in I compulsively try to carry out other people's groceries.

Annabel said...

Josh is working for my brother/uncle at a shop. He does some engraving and runs a machine that cuts gun grips. It's a flexible job for him so he can work when he doesn't have other things like band going on.