Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Work Makes Me Tired

I know that's a kind of "duh" statement, but I'm just not used to working full days yet. I hit the snooze on my alarm twice this morning. I still got up fairly early and got to school about 40 minutes before the first bell. I'm very frustrated by not being able to print anything. Anything I need to print must be saved in a file type that can be opened on another computer. Then I need to go to another room with a printer in order to print. It's a royal pain. My classes have been good so far. I'm worried about a student that I'll be having in class on Thursday. Right now he's in In-School-Suspension. I sent an assignment to him and he put some really bad things on it. He got in trouble for it and the principal had to come see me about it. They said they are making him re-do the assignment.

There's still not enough hours during the day to get everything done. I'm still having a hard time being productive during my conference periods, but I did get more done today than I did yesterday. I stayed after school and worked until a little after 5:00. At that point I was too tired to concentrate so I came home. I need to do a little more work this evening, but I'm sure I'll be calling it an early night. I think I'll try to take my shower tonight so I don't have to get up as early in the morning.

I don't have anything newsworthy to share. My life is the same old stuff... just back to teaching now. I've got some financial things I need to work out. Being broke stinks again. Well, supper will be ready shortly. I'm going to eat, watch t.v., work on my lesson, take a shower and then head to bed before 10:00. I know that people on think that teachers have it easy with summers off... but when you put in 12+ hours a day devoted to teaching, I think it's well-deserved.


Terri said...

about being broke...I don't wonder why my dear; a new engine, new bed, all the painting supplies you bought for home and school. I was wondering if you had a sugar daddy or something! :o)

Cheryl said...

I think teachers are under-appreciated and under-paid. Thank you for being a teacher. I hope you get your energy back soon. I'm sure you will once you get back into your routine.

MICKY said...

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