Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday at last

It was another very long day. I got to school by 8:00. We had a session this morning for 3 hours. It was o.k. but the speaker wasn't that interesting. The concept was o.k. but I felt it wasn't covered adequately. It was a very long morning. I went to lunch with some other teachers today. This afternoon was spent getting books and scripts from the other speech teacher that she can't use for theatre. (due to language or subject matter) After that, I came back to my room and put the books up. I did some last minute tidying up and started on my lesson plans for next week when Josh called and reminded me that we needed to go to Amarillo college so he could register for his dual credit classes. (He will get college credit for two classes he is taking at high school next year.) He will start college in two years with possibly 12 credits. It only costs $75 for each class which will be considerably cheaper than it would be in college. We barely made it in time to get him registered, waited in a line then when it was our turn we were told we were supposed to go to a different area. We went there, got him registered, and then had to get back in the original line in order to pay. This is all because for whatever reason we can't access their website from home.

After that we went to the teacher supply store so I could get a border for my bulletin boards and a grade book. Josh was not impressed with the store. Then we went to Burger King for dinner. From there we went to Hastings book store to browse a bit since we had some time to kill. After 20 minutes we then went to the school where his auditions are being held. It was running a bit behind, but he felt pretty good about it when he finished. We left there around 7:30 and got home a little before 8:00. Now Monk is on and I'm going to watch it and Psych and then head to bed. I have to take Josh to school at 6:30 in the morning for his March-A-Thon. Then I have to head to Lubbock for a speech meeting.

Well, I'm going to enjoy my show and call it a night.

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