Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm ready for bed

It has been a very long day. I got up around 6:30 this morning. I headed to work around 7:15. It was a work day at school so I worked in my room all day. I am making progress. I got some bad news today. I found out that I have to share my room with another teacher. He will be teaching driver's ed in my room during my conference periods. (Luckily that means I still get two conference periods.) Because of that, I decided to move my desk into the office area. I need a place to work while he has classes in my room. It really sucks. So I had to figure out where to put everything in my room. That took most of the morning. I cleaned out cabinets, wiped them down, and by 2:30 I was able to start unpacking boxes. I made a huge dent and most of what's left are small items that need to go in drawers and such.

I left right at 4:00 so I could get to Canyon and pick up some brake pads and then rush to the shop so my brother could install them. Turns out that I let one side go way too long and I needed a new rotor. So while my brother worked on getting the old stuff out, I took his car into to town and got two new rotors. At least now the car is fixed for good. It's almost like driving a new car. I was so embarrassed by the sound it was making. Now it's smooth sailing.

After my brother finished, I headed back into town for more shopping since I didn't get to go on Sunday. I went to the fabric store and although I found some fabric I liked for curtains, it was pretty expensive at $8 a yard. The window is rather large and it would take quite a bit of fabric. So then I went back to Kohl's to mull over the shower curtains that I saw that would work. I declined due to the cost as it would have been almost $60 with tax. On the good news front, today I did find three tops that I liked and fit. I got those and a pair of black shoes that are very soft and comfortable. I still need a pair of brown shoes but I didn't find any that I really liked or fit properly. After Kohl's, I headed to JC Penny's again. I finally decided to get a purse/wallet that I have been mulling over. While there, I solved my curtain dilemma. I found some table cloths on sale for 75% off that have the shade of yellow of my walls along with an assortment of other colors. It's not flowery which is good because I didn't want a flowery pattern. It is actually very similar to the shower curtain I liked at Kohl's but it has more of a pastel rainbow palette instead of the yellow/blue palette of the curtain. They both are a pattern of squares. I also found a yellow oblong table cloth to cover one of the tables in my room and a white round table cloth to cover another table. They were all 75% off. So for my curtains I spent about $12 instead of $60. I just have to do a quick bit of sewing.

By then it was time to head home. I hadn't eaten so I ran by Taco Villa and picked up dinner. Now I'm home and I'm just about ready for bed. Tomorrow will be another long day. The morning will be breakfast at the admin. building and the typical welcome back speeches by the superintendent that will lull me to sleep. That will last 3 hours or so. Then there will be a break for lunch and then we meet briefly at the school and then go on home visits. In groups of 4 or 5 we will visit about 10 students welcoming them back to school. It's kind of awkward and I feel like those religious fanatics that knock unannounced on doors.

Well, that's it for today. I hope to get a few things done in my room tomorrow. I'll probably eat lunch in my room and continue unpacking.


63mago said...

Hey, a lot is done! But that is unpleasant news that you have to use your room together with another teacher. But hopefully he is there really only just when you are away. He will not have his desk there?

I never heared or saw teachers visiting students at home: That is absolutly uncommon here. How do you pick them: Is it seen as a kind of decoration or opposite? Or are you concentrating on the beginners?

abbagirl74 said...

Wow, you have been a busy woman! This summer found you wanting things to do. Now you will be so busy, you will be looking forward to next summer. Here's to Vegas!