Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm ready for a break

I got up at 5:45 a.m. Much too early, but I didn't have a choice. I had to take a shower and be ready to go by 6:25 in order to take Josh to school. I dropped him off and then went and gassed up my car. I then headed the hour and a half to Lubbock for the West Texas Speech meeting. I stopped in Tulia (a small town about 30 miles away) and got breakfast at Sonic. At first I thought it was gone because as I drove through the town, I remembered that a tornado hit that area a year ago. Luckily they rebuilt, but in a different area further down. I got my caffeine fix to wake me up (a coke since I don't drink coffee) and then kept on going. I made it to the University right on time at 8:30. We had meetings and sessions for 3 hours, then lunch (BBQ) and a business meeting. I visited with my fellow teachers and then headed home around 2:45. As soon as I got home, I called about the cost of a mattress for Josh. We headed to Amarillo after that to see my dad who was in town and go with him in his truck in case we found something so he could deliver it for us. He told me of another place that had mattresses for good prices so we went there first. They had three choices in a full size, with the prices being $199, $249, and $349 respectively. I was figuring on maybe the middle one for Josh, but he, of course, liked the most expensive one. My dad helped me out and paid the extra amount so we got the best one. It is both the box spring and mattress so I thought it was still a good deal. And they deliver for free. It will be here Monday evening. Josh will clean his room tomorrow. They'll even take the old bed and mattresses out for us. After that, dad took us to dinner at a burger place that had huge burgers made from scratch. (not pre-formed, frozen) It was very tasty. Josh and I headed home around 6:30 with a quick stop at Walmart to get new sheets for his bed. Now I'm tired. I'm going to veg in my chair for a couple of hours and then head to bed. I'm probably sleeping in tomorrow and will go to the 11:15 service instead of the 8:30. I was thinking of going to the school to do some work, but I think I'll just do it at home. I'll go early on Monday morning instead. Well, I'm already tired from typing this so have a good evening and I'll be back tomorrow.

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