Sunday, February 20, 2005

Absolutely Nothing

That's what I did today. Well, almost nothing I guess. I read most of the day. Watched t.v. Surfed the web. Loaded the dishwasher. Made supper. And that's it. I hardly moved moved from my bed at all. I felt like such a lazy bum today. I have tomorrow off as well. My goal tomorrow is to get the house clean. I have company coming over on Wednesday. My cousin. We're going to have supper and watch a movie.
I want to cut my hair again. Well, have it cut. I'm too broke, though, so I guess that's probably good. It's just getting to a stage that it just doesn't do much. I'd love to go a lot shorter but am worried it wouldn't look good. I tend to want to cut my hair when I'm worried about other things. I want change. And when I can't do something major like head out to California, my next best bet is to change my hair.

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