Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Falling off the wagon

I knew today was going to be a bad day because I had a tornado dream last night. Generally I don't put much stock into dream interpretation, but I know when I have a tornado dream something is not right in my world. A disturbance of some sort.
I was right on.
I left bright and early this morning at 7:45 to head to Dumas. Once I got to the north end of Amarillo I realized that my car was making a funny noise and driving kind of weird. I had a flat tire. I pull off and think "Great, just what I need. Guess it's time to learn how to change a tire." Well, I soon realize I have no jack.
So I call my dad. He doesn't answer. I've pulled off on a road that doesn't have much in the way of traffic which is good and bad. Of the three cars that did exit, none stopped. Luckily my dad calls me back and I tell him what's going on. He was just getting dressed but said he'd head my way. So I sit. And I call my schools to let them know I'm not going to make it. And I sit. Then I clean up the trash in the car. And I sit. So I start reading my car manual. I found out that I do, indeed, have a jack, but it's hidden underneath the well. Call my dad to let him know as he was going to get a new jack to bring. He's already on his way. So about an hour later he gets there and gets the tire changed for me. I shouldn't have been so helpless, but it was cold and I had my good clothes on.
So I head on over to Discount Tire to see about getting it fixed. It's ruined. Luckily it was covered under warranty, but then I still have to pay for the new warranty and lifetime rotation. That was $21.
So then I head to Adrian 40 miles away. No adviser. Nobody. Wasted trip.
So I head back to Amarillo. Go to Walmart. Stand in line at the service desk to find out if I can write checks. Only way for them to know is for me to buy something and write a check. So I go get some gum and a candy bar writing a check for $1.43. It's rejected. Ask what I can do to get this cleared. Wait to speak to someone else. Finally explain the situation and am told that they can clear it in the system, but it will take one or two days before checks can be written. Who needed groceries anyways?
So I head back home and that's where I fell off the wagon. (O.k. maybe I jumped) I went to Thai Kitchen and got take-out. But I've promised myself to not eat supper tonight.
And I'm seriously thinking about going back to bed right now.

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Summer said...

We have something in common. Tornado dreams. I hate them! Do you ever dream that you're driving backwards and the brakes don't work? That's a real tell tale dream! I'm really sorry that your day seriously sucked. I wish I was there to make you a cup of tea and sit with you so you could just unload. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I really do.