Friday, February 04, 2005


Well, I survived the concession stand. Got slammed at times, but good money was rolling in. Heard lots of good things about Josh. How talented he is, how he plays musically.
I have to take him to get a dress shirt tomorrow. He plays his solo at 10:30. I'd listen to it tomorrow, but I'd be too nervous. He played it for me tonight. He's an 8th grader playing a class one solo. (The most difficult in high school level).
Was pleased to watch a new episode of Monk. A little upset that Marty has not called me at all today and I'm guessing I won't get a call from him tonight either. Oh well. I better finish up his Valentine's day gift and send it early since he's leaving in a week to go to California.
Have to take my cousin to defensive driving tomorrow.
Better get to bed.
BTW... thanks for the supportive comments on my blog. They really do help. I know I'm in a kind of funk at the moment. It happens. It will pass. I'll get over it - eventually.


Summer said...

I wish for all of us that we didn't have a life time of "getting over it." It shouldn't be this way. Give my congratulations to Josh. I remember when my oldest son did something very similar. I was so proud of him and still am. And a HUGE WOOOOHOOOOO to you for surviving the concession stand!

Patrick Goodman said...

Things will start looking up for you, I'm sure. I know I don't jabber with you as much as I once did, but remember that I'm here and if you need to talk to someone, I'm there.