Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nothing Much

Not much to tell about today. Slept late. Got up and went to the store to get milk and a newspaper. Finished my book. Read the paper. Worked on Marty's Valentine's present so I can get it in the mail tomorrow. Took Josh the WT Orchestra concert. Came home. Worked on present some more. Made dinner (spaghetti). Watched the Monk marathon. (No, I didn't watch the Superbowl) Got on the computer. Avoided laundry today. Am going to go put a load in so Josh will have clothes tomorrow.
Marty called to tell me that his truck is stuck in the snow at his ex-wife's house and he's staying there tonight. On the couch of course. But it's still bothersome. As much as I hate him being gone to Alaska for a year, it will be a relief.
Well, off to get the laundry started and probably to bed soon.

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