Thursday, February 10, 2005


I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the park. I had some time to kill between schools and it seemed ridiculous to go home and back to Amarillo again. I brought books with me so I wouldn’t get bored.
I spent a good portion of time watching the squirrels. It’s amazing how watching them just brings a smile to my face. I had some trail mix in my car so I would periodically throw some out so they could get it. It was funny to watch them get a piece and then scurry up the tree to eat it. Then they would sneak down and get another piece. If it was one of the bigger pieces of fruit, they would find a spot and bury it. I wonder how they find those spots again. Do they have an acute sense of smell? Is it by the way they pack the dirt? Do they leave their scent? It’s just amazing to me. I saw one squirrel with a brown paper sack. It was funny to watch him scamper across the ground with it. Eventually he took it up the tree, jumping from limb to limb until he got to his tree and took it up to his nest. I guess it could have been a her with a nest.
It’s amazing how spending an afternoon watching the squirrels can be so peaceful and for a few moments, I put all the stress of life behind me.

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Andrew said...

When I was homeless, there was a band of squirrels that lived near me and my tent. I got in the habit of throwing them peanuts and would actually go buy a pack just for them. I would spend hours watching them as I listened to my little radio as I had nothing else to do. I eventually named them all and could tell them apart.