Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Though I am not yet a practicing Catholic, I'm wondering if I should participate in Lent. I'm still considering conversion, but haven't taken much action on it other than reading at this point. But giving up something for Lent would probably be a good thing.
I could cheat and say I am giving up sex, but since that's not a possibility anyways, it wouldn't count. I think I may just continue on my "plan" and keep giving up fast food and alcohol. (Though I did cheat some today - but I am sick so that's my excuse.)

Question for my readers:
If you are Catholic, what are you doing for Lent?
If you're not, but were, what would you give up for Lent?

It's something I'll think about and maybe decide this evening. Right now I'm going back to bed. I'm getting sick, it's in my throat and I'm getting achy. Not good signs.


Summer said...

I am Episcopalian, Catholic Lite, more fun,less guilt, and we do participate in the Lenton season. I have never given up anything for Lent. I did joke with my husband that I would be giving him up for Lent, he just gave me "the look." But, if I was going to do it, I think I would pick my nightly cocktail.

Susanlee said...

I'm not catholic, (I might be Methodist, but I haven't decided yet.). However, my boyfriend is catholic so in a show of unity we're giving up chocolate. Last year I gave up caffeine and it stuck. I've been caffeine free for a year!

Diana said...

Ok, since you asked...

I gave up checking my blog stats. It was becoming too important to me and I need to stop. For now, a friend simply changed the passwords so that I can't access them but if it goes well I might just get rid of the damn counters altogether. I hate thinking about readers as numbers.