Monday, February 07, 2005

Here's Something

O.k. here's something I DO feel strongly about. Concert Etiquette.
I have spent more than half my life involved in music concerts. (I'm talking about band, orchestra, choir, ensembles etc. - not a rock fest) Whether playing in a concert, attending a concert, monitoring a concert, whatever. I can't stand it when people have absolutely no concert etiquette. I know a lot of them just don't know any better. So I'm here to educate my many, many (3 or 4) readers.

1. Never walk into a concert while a group is performing. Wait between pieces. Same for leaving. It's best to be on time.
2. ALWAYS turn your cell phones and other noise makers off.
3. Don't bring small children with you to a concert. Find a baby sitter or don't go. If you absolutely MUST bring a child, if that child starts crying, immediately take the child out. (Exception to rule 1)
4. Do not wear hats into the auditorium. I know it's a bit old-fashioned, but it does really offend people.
5. If a piece has more than one movement, DO NOT clap between movements.
6. If it is a single movement, clap only when the conductor puts his baton down.
7. Don't open candy during a concert.
8. Don't talk. (You would think this would be obvious)
9. Don't put your feet up on the chairs in front of you or kick the chairs in front of you.
10. If you have a bad cough, you shouldn't go to the concert. Either have a cough drop in your mouth or stay outside until you get it under control.
11. Don't bring food or drinks into a concert.
12. Dress appropriately. Sometimes it's just fine to be casual. Generally when you're going to performances at a local college or something. But if you're going to a Symphony, you should be dressed up to some degree.

Josh and I went to concerts yesterday and today. Yesterday I had to deal with talking child that was kicking my chair behind me. Today I kept hearing the auditorium doors opening and closing during a very slow, quiet piece. And they were trying to get a good recording of the concert today. It really grated on my nerves.

O.k. I guess I do care about some things.


Susanlee said...

And plays too! Nothing makes me madder than people who don't know how to behave at arts events! I share your passion! We should start class? general protest?! Yes! That! *grin*

Cary said...

Try to go to a concert here in South Florida, casual land. At least the Ushers at the Broward Center are trained not to let anyone in or out between during movements...