Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I got this letter from my ex-husband today. I sent him a letter about the annulment and he responded to me about it. It was very bittersweet and I appreciate his words. I needed to hear them. Although we parted amicably and have remained on friendly terms, we left a lot of things unsaid. I think we've covered that now.

Sorry it took me a while to respond to this, but I left for a bike rally friday morning, and I just got this today.

It was very nice to get this letter from you. I want to write more when I've got some time. Your letter was very touching. I too, want to apologize for all the heartache that I caused you over the years, and I know it was a lot. You deserve to be treated a lot better than I treated you, and I'm glad that you are happy, and looking toward a new marriage. I wish you all the luck in the world.

For what it's worth, and though you may not believe me... I did love you so very much. One of my biggest mistakes though, was trying to change you into something that I wanted, instead of learning to appreciate you for the way that you were. For that, I will always be sorry. Since we divorced, I have missed your intellect, your sense of humor, and those little things you used to do that always touched my heart (like the music you recorded for me, and the cards)

I will talk with you about the anullment requirements that you mentioned. I'm not real enthused about digging up old painful issues, but I do want you to be happy, and will do what I can to help you.

I just got word that Ricky's wife Chasity went into the hospital today in labor with the twins, so I'll be a grandfather any second now.


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