Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Somewhat productive

At least I got a few things accomplished today. I sent one cover letter and resume in the mail today for a position I think I would really like. I filled out an online application last night. The position is instructional technology coordinator for a cluster of schools. I think it would be right up my ally, but my concern is that they probably tend to hire teachers already on the inside. But we'll see. I got 3 other applications and cover letters ready to send and I'll mail them off this week. One of them includes a specific teaching position for speech, but I'm not sure that I'm all that interested in it. If was a smaller district or the classes were just the basic communication applications class, I'd be more interested. But this position is the competition class that would include debate, oral interp and possibly one act play. I'm learning to value my free time and I know I wouldn't have any in that position. I'm also probably not quite qualified for the position anyways.
And that's about all I did today. It took me a while to get the letters typed amid the net surfing, watching the news on the new pope, and general goofing off. I'm going to work on letters for the graphic artist postions that were in the paper this past weekend.

I changed my yahoo profile to read "single, not looking" and I guess that means I'm simply single and just a challenge. Guys have been coming out of the woodwork it seems. Well, I still stick my chatting rules and it's made my life a lot easier. And if people think I'm stuck up or a bitch because of that, so be it. I just can't stand all the riff-raff out there. And I still run in to it from time to time, but it's not as annoying as it used to be.

Oh, the other news today is that I heard back from my friend from high school who is a Baptist minister. O.k. a little background first... This guy I was in love with for many years. O.k. perhaps it was just a very major crush, but I was smitten for a long while. We never officially dated, but became very good friends. I got into church for a while back in college but never felt truly comfortable there and always seemed to question things. So, needless to say, I didn't go for a long while. But I know he's continued to pray for me throughout the years. Well, I asked him about a week and a half ago about my Baptism (he Baptized me back in college) and he responded mentioning that it seems that I was perhaps thinking about things again. I replied and told him of my plans to convert to Catholicism. And what I got as a response what expected. He indicated his concern for me considering this move and wanted me to really think it through. And he tried to keep it nice, but I knew that would concern him. And given his background, it's understandable, but I simply have to respectfully disagree with him. I did explain that I've given this a lot of thought and have done research. I'm still working on my reply to him, but it will be interesting to see how this develops. It's amazing that my statement indcating something like this has gotten more out of him than in the last 7 years or so that he's been in California. I guess things were a lot easier when I was just a wretched sinner.

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