Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Meme Game Continued

O.k. I promised some clues on the meme game, so here you go:

1. Faith Hill - Breathe (Guessed by Patrick)
2. Huey Lewis & the News - If This is It (Guessed by Norma)
3. Journey - Faithfully (Guessed by Patrick)
4. Survivor - The Search is Over (Guessed by Patrick)
5. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Guessed by Summer)
6. Prince - When Doves Cry (guessed by Patrick)
7. Mozart - Symphony No. 25 in G minor (Guessed by Norma)
8. Garth Brooks - The River
(Guessed by Norma)
9. Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (guessed by Patrick)

10. Bryan Adams - When You Love Someone (guessed by Travis)

If you want to see what's already been guessed, click here.


Susanlee said...

Well, Patrick's a good little guesser isn't he?

Here's my shot: Faith Hill: Cry

Patrick Goodman said...

1. Breathe
2. Heart of Rock & Roll

I'll get back to you on the others....

Annabel said...

Patrick got one! Come on ya'll! Just a few more to go.

Anonymous said...

Huey lewis and the news- If This Is It

Garth brooks-The River

Bryan Adams- when you love someone