Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Something weird happened today. I was doing laundry... no, that's not weird... I'm actually keeping up with it. Well, I was about to put a load into the dryer when I noticed something strange. It looked like a stuffed lizard that might have been one of Josh's stuffed toys from his room or something. I picked it up thinking it accidentally was washed with his clothes. It was NOT a stuffed lizard. It was real and quite alive. I don't know what it was really... kind of a salamander/lizard thing but not. It had split tail. After I freaked out momentarily, I picked it up again and took it outside to live in our swamp. (Sewer line area of the back yard) I hope it found a nice home there.

In other news....
So I have this dog. A guest you might say. It is absolutely the cutest and sweetest thing. I placed an ad in the paper last night that will appear by tomorrow. (It's a small town, no daily paper) I know she must belong to someone because her toenails were painted. And she's still young. Definitely not house trained and is very playful. It was strange that she was just sitting on my front porch with her paws on my door like she was expecting to be let in. I went out and picked her up and looked around to see if anyone was shouting for thier missing dog. And I didn't see anyone. I didn't want to just leave her out for fear she would get hit by a car. I'm surprised I haven't seen flyers on telephone poles today. Well, I hope I do find her original owners because I'm sure she's very missed.

I think I only cried twice yesterday. Oh wait... only twice over Marty maybe. But I did cry quite a bit, but it's because I finally watched The Passion of the Christ. And that's all I'll say. It did move me and have an effect, but it's not something I can put into words at the moment.
But I didn't cry at all today. Even when I made a parting gift for Marty. I'm doing better than I thought I'd ever imagine. And I don't think it's because I didn't really love him. I know I did. But I think there's a bigger hand in all of this. And for that I am truly thankful.

I haven't been posting my Wednesday weigh-in's since I stopped going to my aerobics classes (they were over for the session I paid for) and since I got frustrated by the scale. But good things have been happening. It's amazing what tragedy will do for one's appetite. I've cut back on my eating AND I've been walking. And you know what???? The scale today read 170. I haven't been that low since my first year of marriage back in 1999. So I'm very pleased. And I do plan to keep this up. My goal is to lose another 30 lbs.

And I also found out good news on the annulment proceedings. After I spent the time filling out the numerous pages of paperwork and grilling questions, I found out I don't really have to do all that. Because Richard was married before, all I have to do is find his records of his first two marriages and divorces and prove that at least one of his ex-wives is alive and I'll have my marriaged annulled without all the rigamarole. Basically this is because the Church sees that he was still married to his first wife and therefore, not eligible to be married to me. Whew!


The Cheshire Cat said...

I am glad to hear about your weight progress. I know what stress can do to the appetite. LOL!
Maybe the little dog was sent as a blessing to cheer you up a bit? :) You never know. Take care of yourself:)

bettz said...

Annabelle, one reason I got a blog myself is so I could post a comment to you.

I am so glad that I found it to your site. We have so much in common, more on that later.

Anyway, glad you have only cried a few times. Maybe after a few good cries you will get this guy out of your system and can concentrate on enjoying the positives you have. You sound like such a warm, caring person. He should only be so lucky to have someone like you.

Good luck in finding the owner of the puppy. Hopefully, it has taken you out of yourself a bit. And do take care of yourself! Bye for now, Bettz

Annabel said...

Thanks Cheshire and Bettz. I'm honored to have ya'll reading. (I'm in Texas... we say ya'll)
I'm really doing pretty well... just waiting until tomorrow.