Sunday, April 10, 2005

Poetry revisited

I posted this poem I wrote in one of my earlier blogs. It seems somewhat fitting again now. The only thing is that I'm not feeling angry. Just deep sorrow. Maybe it's because I've grown up some since I wrote this about another love from the past. Or maybe it's because I was truly IN love this time. Or maybe it's just that the anger will come later. I don't know. Sometimes being angry seems to make things easier, but I'm not. I do wish Marty had been more honest with me when things changed for him, but I guess everything happens in it's own time. But the truth in the end is what speaks to me now. I'm not sure of my ability to love again.

Broken Heart

Do you ever feel so angry
You just want to throw something?
Smash a glass into a million
Pieces as they fly in every direction.
Like my heart broken for what
Seems like the millionth time.
Such a fragile piece
It should be handled ever so gently
I give it to you so willingly
Yet you toy with it.
Toss it from here to there
Break it every once in a while—
But no need to worry – somehow
It always gets mended.
But there is a time when
Something has been broken so often
It cannot be repaired.
Cracks and holes are left
Reminders of a previous pain
An object that is so fragile
Not a single soul can touch it.

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Diana said...

Well, if my experience is worth anything - the anger will come. If it does, just go with it...