Monday, April 25, 2005

What I Did Today

I hope I don't bore you to tears, but here's my day.

I slept late. It was nice. I had strange dreams this morning though. In one of them I dreamed that my mother had come back to life. But it was weird, she was a version of her much younger self, but it was very strange altogether. Anyways... so I slept late. I got up and read some blogs, then got ready for the day. I went to the bank and got some money, went to the Catholic bookstore in town and got stuff to finish my rosaries that I'm making. Then I dropped my reference evaluation forms in the mail so they can be filled out and returned to the district I'm applying at. Then I came home, briefly chatted with my friend from Austin, and then headed to one of my schools.
Did the school visit with no issues, then headed to another school, but it seemed like they didn't have school today so I passed on by. Then I headed to Lubbock. I needed to get copies of Richard's marriage and divorce papers so that I can proceed with my annulment. I got the marriage certificate without a problem (other than the extreme long wait) but he must have forgotten that his divorce was filed in another county as it was not on file in Lubbock. So I called him to check and he now thinks, that maybe it was in another county and he's supposed to let me know.
Then I headed home. I have a yearbook person coming over this evening to discuss some issues with her proofs. I hope I can resolve everything.
And that's it. Tomorrow proves to be just as exciting. I'm not sure about sleeping in though... depends if I have the 8:30 visit or not.

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