Monday, April 11, 2005


I've been pondering this trip to Austin. It's not the idea of going. I'm determined to do that regardless. But I've been concerned about the fact that it would cost me $125 in gas round trip and my car is not in the best shape. I'm sure it would make it without problems, but it's a lot of wear and tear on it.
And that's where the miracle comes in. O.k. maybe not a true miracle, but something positive. Here's the scoop.
I called my aunt tonight about the puppy I found. She's a dog-lover and I was hoping she could help identify the breed. So I sent a picture via email. I told her about the situation with Marty and driving down to Austin.
She calls me back this evening to let me know what she thinks about the dog (wire-hair daschsund she thinks) and says that Steve, my uncle, has a proposition for me. It turns out he's participating in a gun show this weekend in Houston. (He sells gun grips) And he's offered to fly me to Austin on Thursday and get me a rental car so I can take care of business with Marty. I will then drive to Houston on Friday and help him out with the gun show (doing the money handling) AND he's going to pay me on top of all that. Then I'll drive back to Austin on Sunday and fly home. What a deal.

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Summer said...

Wow. What a great family you have!I'll be thinking of you.