Friday, April 01, 2005

It's Friday

Yeah, so? Luckily I have the day off, mostly. I do need to check on an issue with a school, but will try to accomplish that via email. I need to submit a cover spec, but that should take about 30 seconds.
I have to take the boys to the vet this moring. (Shhhh.. don't tell them they're dogs.) Hopefully they'll get some medicine that works. I've been trying to call the groomer so Max can get a haircut, but they don't seem to answer any more. Perhaps they've gone out of business or something. I guess I can find a groomer in Amarillo, but it would be a pain to drive him up there and then go back later to pick him up. But he's got to be groomed. He looks like a walking mop. I don't know how he knows where he's going as I'm pretty sure he can barely see.
I'm disappointed that I didn't hear from Marty. I briefly got a message Wed. night stating that he was going to bed with a bad headache. I heard nothing from him yesterday. From what I understand, he was supposed to get some details about his plans yesterday. Part of me wants to call him, but then I start thinking "Well, if he wants to talk to me, he'll call me." And I hate thinking like that. Why are relationships so complex? I just don't know where he is in his heart and his head half the time and it's very frustrating.
So I think I'll go get my hair cut. That's always an answer right? Either get your hair done or go shopping! Hmmm, maybe both? Oh, yeah, I'm kind of broke. Well, I think I can get enough money for a hair cut. And dinner tonight. It's kind of a tradtion to go out after Showcase.
And if my readers actually lived here, I'd invite all of you to come. It's really a wonderful performance. I've either gone to show case or participated in it for about the last 20 years or so. And now Josh loves going to it. As soon as it was over last year he started talking about going to it this year.
Well, I better get ready to head to amarillo with the d.o.g.s. They're going for a R.I.D.E. (And yes, they can spell. Sometimes we've used ig-pay atin-lay to throw them off.)
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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