Saturday, April 02, 2005


There's nothing like leftover Vanilla Bean Cheescake from TGIFriday's for breakfast. It's quite yummy.
O.k. I'm calmer today. I hope Marty calls, but I'll be o.k. if he doesn't. I'm not sure what my plans are for today. I need to do a little cleaning, but it won't take long.
Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. Perhaps I should tackle the garage/attic. Given that I have no life, I guess it couldn't hurt.
I solved another problem. I've been trying to figure out how to back up the files from Josh's computer to the new computer. The CD burner no longer works. I wasn't sure if I should invest in a new burner. My brother mentioned that he might have an extra one. But I wanted to go ahead and back stuff up so I could possibly reformat the hard drive on the other computer. So I went to best buy to check out the external burners. Cheapest was around $80. Which was o.k. But then I got an idea. I decided to go with a jump drive. I'll have to transfer in bits and pieces, but I can find what I want, put it on the jump drive, then burn CD's on my laptop. A lot of the stuff I just want as backup files anyways. And the thing about the jump drive is that I can use it for work when I need to give schools their budget information or a copy of their cover. I think I made a very practical decision. I got a 512MB for $50. And that's my last big purchase for the month. I do have some extra money coming in eventually for the cheerleading scoring I did. I'm doing that again next week. Then perhaps the IRS will send me my $130 earned income credit that I was supposed to get. I'm probably going to be headed to Austin to get Marty week after next. I'll need a little extra money for that.
I'd like to do something special for Marty while he's here, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas?

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