Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fixed Laptop

Yeeee--haawww! (note the strong Texas twang in there)
My laptop is fixed. No more plugging into the external monitor. I can lug it around with me again. I can sit in the comfort of my bed and blog away. Though I'm currently sitting at my desk.
So far today I've been very productive. I attacked Josh's room. I don't know what it is with kids where they can't clean like mom's do. I don't understand how boys can live in such filth. But it was getting to me. I've got a second computer working now that is eventually going to go in Josh's room, but first I have to get files off the computer he has in there now. Problem is that the CD burner it had in it doesn't want to work any more. So I need to look into getting a new one. Why is it always something?
You'd be amazed, but my house is still clean. I've really been making an effort to pick up after myself. The garage and attic are still beckoning me to do something. I would have started today (since I have Thurs & Fri. off this week) but I had to deal with the laptop issue today and I have rehersal for clarinet ensemble this afternoon. Then I have to take my dogs to the vet tomorrow and be at rehersal for Showcase by 4:00 and won't leave until after the show is over around 10:30. I haven't checked the weekend weather outlook. If it looks o.k. I might get a start on it this weekend.
Well, back to work for me.

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