Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When I can’t sleep or I’m bored, I go to this site called stumbleupon that randomly goes through various websites.  If you register, you can check various interests off and most sites will be related to those interests.  I thought I’d share with you some of the favorite sites I’ve found through this process.

Circle the Cat – a silly game that can be quite difficult, but kind of addicting at the same time.

Mini-Putt – an online version of miniature golf

What Happened in My Birth Year – Some interesting facts about the year you were born with a hint of sarcasm.

Grid Game – I’m not sure how this one works, but it was rather fascinating to watch.

Deep Leap – a word game

NameCheck – Will check the available of a particular user name at a variety of sites.

New York City from Above – a bunch NYC photos from above – ever since I’ve visited New York, I enjoy photos of it.

100+ Google Tricks – Some interesting things you can do with Google searching.

Oh, the places you’ll actually go – An interesting twist to Dr. Suess’ classic story.

The Book Seer – Offers advice on books to read based on the last book you read.

Journalist Express – A great site that has multiple research portals.

There’s a few others that I marked as favorites, but some were just for potential school lesson ideas.  I’ve also found a few cartoons or pictures that I’ve saved as well.


63mago said...

Very interesting collection - thank you.
If you like to look at pictures generally, gigapicture brings nice series now and then. Maybe you like it.

And when I visited the "whathappenedinyourbirthyear" I was told that "coasterlover.blogspot" did not yet exist ... ?

The tiles are fascinating!
The book seer gave up on "2oo Jahre Schwandorf" - teehee! And I will have a look at the journalism source site. Sorry, have nothing to payback ...

Annabel said...

Not sure what is going on with the birth year link - seems to work on my end. I guess you might try googling it. I'll check out the gigapicture site.

63mago said...

The birthyear worked: I received a text about what happened 1963: Who won the academie award, the Nobel, what happened in the arts, in politics etc. Only in the first or second line it was mentioned that "Coasterlover.blogspot." was not into being - maybe they figured out from where I came, I followed the link from here.
I came across the American colour pictures in the Denver newspaper photoblog, very interesting and touching. Now and then I visit "Nag on the lake" (http://nagonthelake.blogspot.com/), she always brings a lot of things to be discovered.
She linked to this:
Strangely fascinating. Especially for a German ethnologist. :)

Sorry now, it's late here.