Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quick update

Slept ok, but not great – a bit fitfully, but not the bad insomnia I’ve been having.  The bed was comfortable but just didn’t get to a really sound sleeping state.  I’m feeling tired this morning.  The classroom we are in today is really crowded – there’s about 180 of us in the class.  I think the lecture hall we are in was designed for just really thin people.  I got there relatively late – though it was really 20 minutes early – as all the outside seats were taken so I had to move into the middle.  The guy that is sitting next to me just graduated and doesn’t seem to be very “into” the class. 

I really like the professor.  I waited to take this course so that I could get this particular professor as I’ve heard good things about her and I’ve heard horrible things about the other professor that sometimes teaches this course.  The coursework doesn’t seem very difficult – just busy.  There’s four assignments due every week, but they don’t seem daunting.  One is a evaluating a reference resource for that week such as a dictionary, then an information quest, a quiz over readings, and a discussion question posting.  There’s also a research paper due mid course.  I think it is doable, but time will once again be in short supply – especially with taking another course at the same time along with teaching. 

I’m on lunch break right now.  We had an hour and a half but I didn’t want to leave campus so I walked over to subway and now I’m at the Union building so I can get an internet connection since I can’t seem to get a connection in the room.  I should have brought a book to read or something.  I finished my Mental Floss magazine and I still have about 20 minutes to kill. 

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Where's the library when you need it? :)