Friday, August 06, 2010

A Little Productive

Well, though I appreciate Mago’s advice, I didn’t have a completely lazy day.  I did get the paper done and submitted.  I watched some t.v. and played games.  But I also did some cleaning.  The kitchen is almost there but I still need to get to the floors.  I made some curtains for one of the windows which are much better than the folded paper thing that was up there before.  I still haven’t gotten to the store.  I did stay in my pajamas all day.  The only time I went out was just a few minutes ago to make a run to Sonic. 

I emailed Matthew earlier today and sent him my paper.  Still haven’t heard back from him.  I’m still wondering if something is up.  Sometimes it’s not good to have an active imagination as I do.  Oh well, perhaps I’ll hear from him this weekend.  And if not, it’s not like anything had developed, though I do like him.  I think he’s very nice and easy to talk with. 

Tomorrow I’m going to do more cleaning and get the house in good shape.  It will be nice to start the school year with a clean house.  At first I was cleaning in hopes of inviting Matthew over at some point, but now I’m doing it just to get it clean. 

I think I’ll go play some more games until I’m tired enough to sleep. 

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