Friday, August 06, 2010

Now what?

I just turned in my 30 page grad school project for the summer.  I’m sure I could have spent a few more hours nitpicking on it, but I decided I just needed to let it go.  Now I don’t know what I should do.  I have a myriad of things that I “could” be doing, but am thinking I might just take the day off.  I hope I get an “A” on the project.  I did well on my first drafts scoring a 98 and 99 respectively.  I’m not sure I did as well on the final draft, but I just don’t want to think about it any more.  Grades won’t be posted for 10 days so now I just have to wait. 

I do need to get to the grocery store at some point.  I’m drinking my last Coke Zero right now.  I have a list of cleaning supplies I need in order to get my house in shape.  But I’m not even dressed and I’m not sure I’m going to get dressed today.  Seems like it might be a pajama day.

Well, I’m off to do a little bit of nothing.

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63mago said...



Do you really WANT to have something to do?
WHy not simply hang around - play some online games, read some old fashioned books, stroke the pet ... think a bit about this and that. For example what you want and like, what your aim is, why not just phantasize? Why not just don't care for the next two days or so? It's not "I have nothing to do" - it's simply "I am me". If I do not want to get up, I do not get up. Maybe an idea of vacancy, of not being there - always being there for others, always being defined by other people's needs - why not being adventourous and think yourself new: Not more responsible for a man, a son, someone. Only self.

Just an idea of a tired man. :)

Trying to escape. A bit.