Thursday, August 12, 2010

My brain isn’t working

So I took the ambien last night and it worked fine – no episodes of sleep driving, eating, or sex so I guess that’s a good thing.  (That’s been one of the reported issues with the medicine.)  It took longer than I expected to fall asleep – almost an hour and I never got that drowsy feeling, but it did work and I did sleep pretty much through the night.  I did feel a bit groggy this morning as though I still hadn’t had enough sleep but I’m hoping that it will balance out.  So I got up around 9:00 and got read to head to Amarillo to have some lab work done.  About halfway there, I realized I forgot the prescription form for the lab work so I turned around and came back to get it.  I finally made it and found the right building in the jungle of medical offices but before I went in, I checked my wallet for my health insurance card.  Sure enough, it wasn’t in there.  By this time it is already 11:00 in the morning and I’d been “fasting.”  I decided I wasn’t going to make another 30 minute trip home and back just to do the tests.  I figured with my luck, they’d all be gone to lunch then and I’d still have to wait.  So I picked up some Taco Villa for lunch and came home.  I found my insurance card right where I left it near my computer last night when I was checking my prescription coverage. 

So I think I’ll head up to the school today and do some work.  I’m thinking that I may not go tomorrow since I’ll have to go early to do the labwork stuff, come up and pick up animals to go to the vet and then I’ll be meeting some friends of mine for happy hour sometime later in the day.  I’ll just try to get a lot done today and I can always go in Saturday if necessary.  Most teachers are starting inservice today but I have two comp days because of taking my grad school class this summer.  I officially start back on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

This "Ambien" seems to be the new wonder drug, after what I read on their website. Whatever helps, sleep is essential, and the stuff seems to be good.
I hate it when I forget things and have to go back, like standing in the library and no card in the wallet, I'd happily kick myself. But the labs don't run away and next time you know exactly where to turn to.
Episodes, soso ...