Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feeling Accomplished

In spite of the lack of sleep I got last night, I did get a few things done today.  I had my prescription filled and am thankful for health insurance.  I paid $55 instead of the $219 it would have cost in full.  I am going to try to not depend on it too much.  I’m going to take it for a few days to get my schedule on track.  I think once I get back to work full time, I’ll be exhausted enough to sleep. 

I also took my car to have the oil changed and tires rotated.  While waiting, I started to read a book that I’ve had for over a year but have never started.  I’ll finish it tonight.

I came home and talked to my aunt on the phone for a bit and then I headed to church so I could go to confession.  I know those of you that are not Catholic may not understand or agree with the concept of reconciliation, but it truly is a relief.  I can’t say that I particularly enjoy going because it is always difficult to voice ones sins, but it provides a great sense of forgiveness when said and done.  I’ve needed to go for a while now because I’ve missed several masses this summer, but I find it more difficult to confess to my regular priest than a stranger.  Our priest was gone this weekend so I found it was a good time to go.  There’s just something about the anonymity of it.

I stayed for the 5:00 Mass so I would have tomorrow free.  Now I’m home and fighting the urge to take my ambien early and go to bed.  I’m going to give it another hour or so and call it an early night.  I’m still tired from the lack of sleep last night.

I haven’t done laundry, but I’ll do that tomorrow.  I’m going to finish my book, maybe watch a little t.v., and then call it a night. 

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