Sunday, August 15, 2010

What to do?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do today.  I went to church yesterday so I don’t have to go this morning.  I got a very good night’s sleep thanks to my new friend Ambien.  I’ve been sitting in my bed with my laptop on my lap checking blog posts and I’m always excited on Sundays because I get to read the new postsecret secrets. 

I got a communication request from eharmony but I didn’t renew my subscription so I guess I won’t answer it.  I’m already tired of internet dating sites.  Though I did meet Matthew via eharmony, I’m not one to sing its praises just yet. 

I still need to do laundry so I think I’ll start that first.  The house is still generally clean (for a week, can you believe it?)  but I need to do some tidying up. 

I’m still waiting for my final grad in my class this summer.  I should end up with an ‘A’ unless I totally blew my final draft.  My grades were 98, 99, and 97 so far.  I have to get a participation grade and one on my final draft. 

It’s the last day before I officially go back to work.  I should probably just take it easy and enjoy the day, but I think I’d just get bored.  I do need to get an email list put together to send out a reminder for the upcoming speech workshop that is being hosted at my school. 

I’ve been thinking about going up to the school to work, but not sure if I’ll make it.  Tomorrow is a full work day as well and I know there’s at least two days (or more) of things to be done, but I kind of want to just wait until I “have” to be there.  Maybe I’ll go in kind of early tomorrow.  I did buy a giant case of coke zero to put in my fridge at school.  That always gets me through the lunch time lull.  This year, I have second lunch though – that will need some adjustment. 

I guess I’m going to take a shower and get started on the day. 


Anonymous said...

I managed to go out - between two rain showers - and have a walk for half an hour: I am terribly proud that I made it, ha! Tomorrow I will force myself to the desk and get some things done, neough of this lazyness!
Did you know that the possibility of confession is given in the protestant church too?
Tomorrow afternoon I will visit a church on the countryside here. For some reasons I like the place. Hope you have a good Sunday, not too boring!

Leann said...

Enjoy your day.