Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Ready

I took the ambien last night but it still took a while to get to sleep for some reason.  I did sleep well though and was able to sleep in this morning.  I headed to the school around 10 and I texted Matthew that if needed a break today to give me a shout.  He texted me around 12:30 asking if I was thirsty.  I picked him up and we went to Sonic.  We had some drinks and visited for a while.  I brought him back to his place since he had to get back to work as did I.  He gave me a quick kiss before leaving and said Wednesday was the probably the next time we could get together.  I told him I’d leave my schedule open.

I stayed up at the school and worked until around 6:00.  I ordered take out on the way home and picked it up.  Now I’m watching The Sting on t.v. since I’ve never seen it and Matthew had said it was his favorite movie.  I’m going to take my ambien around 9:00.  I play at the 11:15 mass tomorrow and then I’ll be going back to the school to work.  I’m not really ready for school to start, but I don’t think I ever am.

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Anonymous said...

You seemingly have no weekend free from work. It continues from where the last class stopped. Hopefefully you can have some more relaxed times now and then.