Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This & That

Insomnia Strikes Again

I tried going to sleep last night without the ambien and that was a huge mistake.  I tried to go to bed around 10:00.  I was still awake an hour and a half later.  I slept briefly from about 11:45 until 1:00.  Then I woke up with heartburn again.  I took an antacid pill around 1:15.  It finally subsided around 2:30.  I slept intermittently until 4:30-5:00 but it was that light kind of sleep where you think you haven’t really slept but only realize you did sleep because of the weird dreams going on.  I awoke with a start when I dreamed I had a scorpion on my hand.  Thankfully that was only a dream.  I don’t think I ever really went back to sleep after that.  Then it was thundering shortly before 6:00 a.m. so I gave up.  I got up by 6:15 and got ready for the day.  I’m hoping that my insomnia isn’t psychosomatic in the sense that I’m convincing myself mentally that I can’t sleep and therefore can’t sleep.  I don’t think it is because I’ve had sleep issues for a while now.  I just don’t want to be constantly dependent on a sleeping pill.  I guess I’ll try to get myself “used” to sleeping again for a few days with ambien and then see if I can sleep on my own without it.  I guess this every other day thing just isn’t working right now.  And no, I’ve not been drinking caffeine late and have not been taking naps during the day. I feel tired when I go to bed, but just can’t get to sleep or stay asleep.

First Staff Development Day

We started the day with a breakfast at our district administration building and then had some presentations and a video that made me cry.  I missed Matthew this morning when I went through the line, but he texted me with a “good morning” text after I had set down with some of my fellow teachers.  I texted him back and saw him come in later, but didn’t get the chance to talk to him.  We were able to get done early this morning so I ran to Walmart to get some divider tabs and then worked in my room for a while.  I went to the post office at lunch time to mail some rosaries I sold and then picked up a burger and fries at Dairy Queen.  This afternoon was staff development which wasn’t as bad as it usually is.  Instead of be lectured about policies and procedures we worked in groups on them.  I stayed after school and worked in my room more and it seems the more I work the more there is to do.

Health Checkup

I got the results of my recent health checkup and it seems I’m in good shape.  Blood work and Urinalysis are all within normal levels.  That’s a relief.  Now if I could get the sleeping under control.  I worry a little after checkups because my mom and my sister both had hysterectomies in their 30’s.  I do have fibroid tumors but so far nothing beyond that. 

My dad

I got a call from my dad today and he is in the hospital.  He’s not sure what’s going on so we don’t know if it is serious or not.  He wasn’t feeling well and was vomiting and had diarrhea.  Blood work shoes his white cell count is high so they suspect some kind of infection but aren’t sure where it is.  I am hoping it isn’t serious and they can treat whatever it is. 

House Cleaning

Amazingly I’ve been keeping the house clean.  I’ve been loading and unloading the dishwasher as necessary and picking up after myself.  Floors need to be swept and mopped again but that’s typical with ugly white tile.  It’s a nice feeling but I almost don’t know what to do with myself without a pile of laundry to do.  I’ve almost made it through all my roller coaster tycoon scenarios – which is probably good – don’t need the distraction when school starts.  But I also know that the clean house will probably not stay that way as soon as I get busy again. 


Leann said...

Hope your dad gets to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Why did you cry about a video?