Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day before the first day of school

And hopefully my last first day of school as a teacher.  I’m thinking about starting a countdown until the end of the year – maybe that will be the incentive to keep me going this year.  I really hope this is my last year teaching and that next year I’ll move into the librarian position. 

Today I slept in as much as I could and then got up to get ready for church.  Josh and I played at the 11:15 mass and both of us had a hard time with our embouchures – it’s tough to play masses with lots of music refrains without resting.  My mouth was hurting by the halfway point.  We made it through and then came back to the house.  I thought about napping but couldn’t and then I debated about going up to the school to work.  I decided it would be better if I did so I ran to Walmart to get a few things and then headed to the school.  I worked for about 3 hours and got quite a bit done.  I’m ready for the first day at least. 

Josh called me while I was at the school and asked if we could go out to eat.  I thought was an excellent idea so we headed to our favorite restaurant in town.  I had a petite sirloin with a loaded baked potato and a salad.  We came home and I started some laundry and ironed my clothes for tomorrow.  I’m going to take my ambien around 8:30 and call it a night.  I’m thankful for the medicine because I know I wouldn’t sleep tonight otherwise. 

Not very exciting details for today.  Haven’t heard from Matthew but I know he’s got a lot going on the next few days as well.  I hope we’ll be able to get together on Wednesday this week. 

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Patti said...

Hoping your first day is going well today.