Friday, August 27, 2010

TGIF – sort of

For most people, the end of the week would be a relief.  For me, it just means the weekend where I’m trying to get a million things done is getting here faster.  School was fine, but I didn’t get much done today – at least it doesn’t feel like it.  I helped out with updating computers again so I lost one of my conference periods doing that.  But I’m getting really fast at it.  I was able to update 28 computers in under an hour.  Luckily the ISS teacher emailed me and said she didn’t need me to come over today.  I was able to continue getting work done.  I had to prepare for the meeting that my school is hosting tomorrow, my own session at the meeting that I’m teaching, as well as substitute plans for Monday and Tuesday while I’m gone to Denton.  Preparing lesson plans for a substitute often seems to be more trouble than it is worth to miss school. 

I still haven’t finished creating my seating charts for the sub or the “regular” lesson plans that I have to turn into my evaluator on Tuesday.  Never mind the fact that I still have to deal with last year’s yearbook and get it finished. 

So I stayed at school until 7:45 this evening working on all this and getting my room ready as three sessions will be held in there.  I came home and headed to Walmart to get some things realizing only when I had parked that I left my wallet at home.  So then I headed back home and started laundry, made signs for the meeting tomorrow, ate some dinner that I didn’t really want (ended up giving 1/2 to the dogs), headed back to Walmart, and now waiting for laundry to get dry so I can pack.  I just took an ambien so I have about an hour before I collapse. 

Tomorrow I have to leave 6:45, pick up donuts, set up for the meeting, do my session, go to the business meeting, and then drive to Denton.  Yes – I’m exhausted just writing all this! 

Haven’t heard from Matthew, but that means he’s probably just enjoying his time with his daughters.  He will be headed back on Sunday and I’ll be coming back late Tuesday. 

Well, I’m going to go pack what I can and then call it a night.  Will post again after I make it to Denton.


Anonymous said...

Always full throttel.
Travel safe, return well. You going to this place is a good excuse for me to look at maps. :) I simply like them as graphical products.

Patti said...

Wow. I'm reading this in my jammies, drinking my morning coffee! But I've had many weekends like this, and am rather enjoying a few hours of down time. :)