Monday, August 09, 2010

Work attempt

I went to school today but didn’t get a whole lot done.  I mostly visited with the librarian who needs to fill out my form to be able to take one of my last classes – and one of the counselors who is frustrated with some changes they made this year.  It seems that our school district is big on making changes and other decisions and then springing them on the staff.  No input or questioning is allowed it seems.  But I guess it’s that way all over.  Like last year, I was told about two weeks before school started that I’d be teaching English.  My schedule isn’t too bad this year.  I have two speech classes, two senior English classes and yearbook.  I was able to get the counselor to move yearbook during the class day as it was originally planned to be during zero hour.  Unfortunately due to the scheduling this year, I won’t even have my yearbook editor in my class.  I guess we just have to work around it.

I did a little work in my room but was frustrated that the label maker I bought last year is not working.  I was going to bring it home to clean it and see if that fixed the issue, but I left it at school.  I’m debating whether I want to go to Amarillo to get a few things I forgot.  I don’t really have any other plans this evening so I guess I could go. 

I had some left over material from the curtains I made for the kitchen and I’m going to use it to cover the stools for the kitchen bar.  I had to get a staple gun today so I could cover them.  I think it will look nice as the other cover was a plain green with stains on it.  I wish my oven was working.  I’d like to be able to do some baking and make things I haven’t made in a while, but it hasn’t worked since that night several months ago.  I also need him to fix Josh’s toilet, cut down some tree limbs and do a few other miscellaneous deeds.  I think I’ll get him a dinner gift card for helping me out. 

I should get going if I’m going to head up to town.  I should probably have dinner out so I don’t have to cook when I get back. 

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Anonymous said...

Your brother is a busy man! He earned (or will earn) the Gutschein.