Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pets are expensive

I have to admit that I’ve not been a good pet mom.  I’d take my dog Max to my dad’s vet when he’d have an ear infection, but for the most part, I haven’t kept up with my pet’s needs since getting divorced.  I’ve either been too poor to too busy to really do anything about it.  I figured today that I would at least make the effort to get their health in shape.  I found a new vet since my dad’s has retired and it has been difficult to get appointments at the clinic there.  Basically I chose the one that had the best reviews on Google.  I took my dog Max in today because he had an ear infection, but also to get him caught up on shots and get him flea, heartworm, and other miscellaneous meds.  I did like this vet because I was shown how to actually clean his ears out effectively to keep infections at bay.  Of course the visit was expensive at $290.  I’ve scheduled appointments for both my other dog (Mollie) and my cat (Lucy) on Friday so that everybody will be good to go – for at least six months.  Tomorrow, Mollie is going to the groomers for the first time to get a deluxe bath and her nails trimmed.  I’ll be spending quite a bit on the animals, but they’re worth it – even Mollie as annoying as she is.

Now I’m home and it’s raining a bit and I can hear some rumbling thunder – nothing major, just a minor storm rolling through, but I’m sure Andrew would love it.  Now I’m thinking about a nap, but am trying to fight it as I know it won’t help when I try to sleep tonight.  I’ve also made an appointment for myself tomorrow to have my yearly checkup.  Guess we all need the checkups before getting back into the swing of school. 

No plans tonight.  I’ve been working on a database for a local organization of which I’m vice-president.  I’m in charge of planning some sessions for an upcoming meeting and I’m trying to get more people to participate.  Other than that, it will be an uneventful evening.  Not sure what to do with myself with Josh still gone and a clean house.  


Gulf Coast said...

Talk about expensive petcare. 2 weeks ago I paid $170.00 for my Yorkie when she had a bladder infection and just this morning (2 wk later) I paid $221.00 which included flea control and heartworm pills for two dogs. Yes it is expensive but they are my fur-kids and we just love them. Bella is on C/D dog food specially for her urinary tract and will be on it for life. Amazing how expensive the vet charges for animals. I need some pet insurance. LOL

Annabel said...

I hear you - the $290 was just for ONE animal but it included the visit, the shots, the heartworm check, the labwork for the ear infection, ear meds, and 6 month supply of the flea, tick, heartworm meds. I'm hoping the visit with my other dog and cat won't break the bank!