Tuesday, July 03, 2007

100 things (updated)

I've done this before, but am posting again with some updates.

1. I am 37
2. I am divorced
3. I was married for five years
4. I had the marriage annulled by the Catholic Church.
5. I have a tattoo
6. I love to ride rollercoasters
7. I'm a member of American Coaster Enthusiasts
8. My favorite coaster is Poltergeist at Fiesta Texas
9. I've ridden 124 rollercoasters
10. I collect Marvin the Martian items
11. I broke my neck when I was 4 yrs old
12. I was hit by a car
13. I've had a total of 104 stitches in my life
14. I've been to a taping of The Price Is Right
15. I wasn't called to "Come on Down"
16. You can see me in the audience at least 4 times
17. I have 2 cats
18. I have 3 dogs
19. I play the clarinet
20. I was flag captain in high school and college
21. I went to band camp for 7 summers
22. I'm fascinated by the Titanic
23. I have a 16 yr old son
24. My son was born on my 21st birthday
25. I dream about tornadoes
26. But I like watching shows about tornadoes
27. I'm a native Texan
28. My favorite color is purple
29. I hate scary movies.
30. I hate most vegetables
31. I really hate beans
32. My favorite food is spaghetti
33. I like 80's music
34. My favorite singer is Olivia Newton John
35. My sign is Scorpio
36. I am a teacher
37. I teach high school speech
38. I used to sell yearbooks
39. But I hated selling
40. I've never been stung by a flying insect
41. I don't want to ever be stung
42. I have an older sister
43. I have an older brother
44. I am the baby of the family
45. I was in two musicals
46. But I can't sing
47. I like to read
48. My favorite authors are Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, and J.K. Rowling
49. When I was a kid I read the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.
50. I used to go to the Baptist church
51. I've been to the Episcopalian church
52. I've been Baptized twice and "saved" on three occasions
53. I converted to the Catholic Church.
54. I believe in God
55. I love watching C.S.I. Vegas
56. And I love watching Monk
57. I graduated 16th in my high school class of 332
58. I graduated from West Texas A&M University in 1995
59. My GPA was a 3.82 (Magna Cum Laude)
60. I started out as a music major
61. I switched to Speech Education
62. I am shy
63. I've been to Vegas 4 times
64. I like going to museums
65. I like to do crossword puzzles
66. Nobody will play Scrabble with me
67. I've lost 25 pounds (and gained 10 back)
68. I want to lose at least 25 more
69. I flew to Michigan for a blind date
70. I wear contacts most of the time
71. I hate wearing panty hose
72. I am right handed
73. I believe in ghosts
74. I painted my kitchen Lime green
75. And I like it
76. I want to be on Trading Spaces and have my living room done
77. I like to dance
78. I wanted to be a choreographer when I grew up
79. My dream job is to be a music librarian
80. My dog, Roo, snores and it's annoying
81. I can be hypnotized
82. I've been hypnotized on stage
83. I can remember all my phone numbers from 2nd grade to the present
84. I have a "thing" about memorizing numbers
85. I also memorize birthdays
86. I want to go on a cruise some day
87. I won first place in poetry at my first speech tournament
88. I performed “Casey at the Bat” and still have it memorized
89. I have been to half of the states in the U.S.
90. I've been to the Caribbean
91. And Mexico
92. I know how to crochet.
93. I will be free of debt in 2 years.
94. I drive a Nissan Maxima
95. I hate doing laundry
96. And the dishes
97. I like to cook
98. I have neat handwriting
99. I like to sleep in
100. This was really hard


Terri said...

#14 The Price is Right???? I'm jealous! I would love to go to a taping, even if I wasn't picked.

#48 I love Janet Evanovich books!

#49 & 63 me too!

Susanlee said...

I'll play scrabble with you.