Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dragging today

I couldn't sleep again last night so I took half a sleeping pill. It did the trick, but I still feel tired. I dragged myself out of bed around 10-something. (keep in mind I didn't get to sleep until shortly before 1 a.m.) I decided I needed some caffeine but I ran out of cokes. I headed to Sonic at 11:00 and got lunch and a large coke. It has helped a bit, but I'm still not focusing well. I worked on my Sunday lesson a bit, but I needed a break. I've got to find a better way to get sleep that doesn't make me feel loopy the next day. Maybe I should try some lavender. I heard that is supposed to help induce sleep. Does anyone have any other ideas?


Terroni said...

I have a silk eye pillow filled with lavender scented flax seed. The weight on your eyes is supposed to help induce sleep. I don't usually fall asleep with it on my face, but it often relaxes me enough that I can then roll over and get to sleep.

Mine was a gift, not sure where from. The tag says Barefoot Yoga Co. There is a zipper in the silk pouch, so you can empty out the seed into a cup and then wash the pouch--very useful.

Cheryl said...

Whenever I take a sleeping pill, I fall asleep right away but wake up hours too early. When I take a Valium, it does the trick. But, you need a prescription and I don't have one anymore. I go through periods that I just can't sleep well, but I've had real insomnia and that was horrible.

abbagirl74 said...

Here is what I do sometimes. Make yourself wake up around 8. Go for a swift walk, making sure you are at a fast pace. Walk for at least a mile. Proceed along your day as usual. By the time seven rolls around, you'll be ready for bed. Stay awake until at least ten or eleven, then hit the sack. You'll feel better in the morning.

I haven't been able to sleep well either, but I have noticed the days I go to the gym, I am so tired in the afternoon, I have to take a nap, causing me to stay awake until really late. I quit the naps.

Rebecca said...

Valerian which can be found in the herbal section of almost any drug store works wonders. And has none of the hangover effects of the sleep meds. Its also great for tension headaches. I always keep some on hand. For headaches, mainly. I almost never have trouble sleeping.

mago said...

Valerian / Baldrian normally helps. Just take care for the cats, they love it.