Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A few promised pictures

I took a walk in order to capture a few pictures for you in my neighborhood.

This picture is of the church that is across the street from my house.

There is a large park just down the street that is two blocks away. It is where the big 4th of July celebration is held. I generally don't go down there as we usually have a great view from the church parking lot.

This is the edge of the park. The group of trees is a nice picnic area with tables.

I've been here for the annual band picnic for Josh's band. Our 10 year high school reunion also had a picnic here as well. I can't believe that in just another year, I'll be celebrating my 20th reunion. As a child, my favorite activity at this park was the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

This view is from the other side of the trees. There is a very large grassy area extending from the trees south.

On the southern edge is the city pool.

There is a children's play area to the side of the park. I spent a great deal of time here as a child. This equipment was some of my favorites. The big round thing was often our "spaceship" and the animal thing in the background bounced up and down. They have since gotten rid of some equipment I guess because it was deemed dangerous like the merry-go-rounds and the tall slide.

They have brought in some modern plastic equipment, but I'm a bit nostalgic and I like the old stuff.

The ground cover is now pebbles and it used to be sand. I much preferred the sand. My friend Kirsten and I would play with hotwheels and build amazing roads with our hands in the sand. We could also build hills and such.

This the city pool. There is an area on the roof of the entrance that I guess was a good tanning spot, but as kids, we loved just going up there and playing make-believe.
I didn't spend a lot of time at this pool. It was always pretty crowded. I spent more time at the pool where I lived 2nd-6th grade. I did love swimming, however.

This is the southern view at the edge of the play area. This is the rolling plains that make up the Texas panhandle. This is the southern edge of the city.

And finally this is home. It's not much. I have a horrible lawn full of weeds. The shed in the back yard needs the siding put on it. I often wish I had a better place, but then I feel guilty for wanting more. I have a roof over my head... what more do I need? Besides a floor in my living room and hallway? New furniture? A paint job on the outside? New heating and air?
I guess it's just one thing at a time.

I will continue to take pictures for those of you interested. Sorry no pictures of the Cadillac ranch yet, but I have to go to Amarillo for it. But my friend Patrick (who got me started with blogging) kind of has a thing for the Cadillac ranch and you can check out his pictures here.

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Terri said...

your home may not be all that you like right now, but you can certainly make it that way, as I think you have started to do inside. It's a never ending process.

My 20 yr reunion will be in two years. That is so scary to me!