Friday, July 20, 2007

My boy is home

O.k. I probably shouldn't call him "my boy." That sounds like he is 4 or something. But I'm glad to have Josh home and I know he's glad to be home. I finally went to sleep shortly after posting last night. I slept until 9:15 this morning. I headed to WT around 10:00 so I could get Josh's stuff and he could check out of the dorm. He was finished by 10:20 but he didn't have to go to his warm-up until 11:30. With some time to kill, I took him to the donut stop for his favorite food in the whole world. He ordered 3 cherry donuts and a chocolate milk. I was good; I had one maple and a small white milk. Generally I hate drinking plain white milk, but with something very sweet like donuts or oreos, it hits the spot. We stayed there until shortly before 11:00 and then we went to the campus book store so he could get some staff (music) paper. He finds himself wanting to write music ideas down and I knew that the bookstore carried that kind of paper. I left him on campus to go to rehearsal and I headed home to get a few things done. I balanced my checkbook, cleaned a little bit and put on some make-up. I headed back to WT for his concert at 12:00. The concert was really good. Josh had a nice long credenza solo that he played really well. I thought he was amazing and I was very proud of him. We stayed to listen to the honor band and then we headed up to Amarillo. I went to the local ATT (cingluar) store to look into upgrading Josh's phone. We looked at available phones and I discovered I could get a better deal online so I told them we'd think about it. After that, we headed to my friend Sadie's house so I could help her set up a blog. As soon as she starts posting, I'll give you a link. Josh was starving so when we finished there we headed to Olive Garden to eat. I ordered my standby meal of chicken fettuccine alfredo. We also ordered an appetizer, had the salad of course, and Josh even ordered dessert. I was quite full by the time we left. We headed home, but had to stop at the store so I could get some cat food and avoid the wrath of my feline pets. (I've been out of canned food for a couple of days and they had to eat leftover roast beef last night.) Yes, they do have dry food... but they're spoiled. We came home and Josh brought all of his stuff in and immediately got on the computer. He's been without it for two weeks now. He also watched last week's episode of Monk and Psych that I recorded for him. I, on the other hand, took a nap. I was tired and full of carbohydrates. Now it's time to watch Monk and Psych. After Psych is over, we'll be heading to the bookstore to await getting the final Harry Potter book.

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