Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Quite Non-Productive Day

For the most part yesterday I was a total bum. Shortly after I posted, I got a call from one of my neighbors that goes to my church and is in my Adult faith class. She wanted to know if I'd be home for a bit because she wanted to bring me something. I thought she might want to give me a thank-you card or something because she was the one that won the rosary that I gave away in class on Sunday. She came over about 20 minutes later and brought me a loaf of freshly baked beer bread right out of the oven. It was amazing. She also loaned me a book about Mother Angelica. I read it most of the day. A little after noon I headed to the post office to put my student's recommendation form in the mail. (She's applying for the honor program at her college.) I then headed to camp to give Josh his candy bars that he had requested and I also took him some bread. At that point, he didn't know what band he had made yet. I came back home and had my left over fried rice for lunch. Josh called me about 30 minutes later and told me he didn't make honors band, but was first chair in symphonic. He was a bit disappointed, but he's o.k. with it. At least being first chair, he could get some solos. Then I sat around and read, watched t.v. all day. I made a couple more rosaries and I'm waiting impatiently for my battery charger to arrive so I can take some pictures. Around 8:00 last night I decided I was hungry and so I went to McDonald's to pick something up. I got online for a bit and chatted with a couple of people. Around 10:45 my cell phone rang. It was my friend Pam. She told me that her daughter, Kami, had a grand mal seizure in the hospital today. She was horrified. Kami is stable now and they think it was due to the demerol so they have stopped giving that to her. But the experience was awful she says. She had stopped breathing and turned blue. They even called for a chaplain. I can't believe it. So if you do pray, please continue to offer up some prayers for her.

Well, that's the extent of my very lazy day. Today I'm trying to talk myself into actually getting to Hereford. I really need to go, but I just don't want to. Oh, I did decide to play in director's band. I got out my clarinet yesterday and everything seems to be o.k. for now. I emailed my principal and found out that the meeting I have to go to on the 19th will only be a couple of hours so I'll be able to make the concert. I guess I should take a shower and get dressed.


~Vital~ said...

A few posts back you asked for ideas on how to get to sleep...here's a few I tried. Praying in bed, I know it is terrible, but I always fall asleep before I say amen...that's why I pray during the day all day. Also, read the Bible. I always get sleepy at night reading the Bible. A pastor told me once to do this. He said it is the devil trying to keep you from learning what you need to know, so the pastor turned it around on the devil for his good.

Annabel said...

Thanks vital. I did that last night actually. I prayed the rosary and it usually makes me pretty tired. I actually fell asleep and slept all night. I'm like you that when I pray at night I usually fall asleep before the amen.