Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another decision to make

I went to the meeting at school this morning. The meeting itself wasn't exciting, but I did learn some new things and was able to offer a little bit of input. I got to school early in order to check out the potential room that my principal wanted me to move to. I had a custodian let me in and I checked things out. The room was o.k. There were some good things about it, but it was lacking in several areas including storage. There's an office in it which is a plus and there's a second storage room, but it is housing a server and it's pretty noisy. But there's some other potential storage outside the room itself. I drew a sketch of the room to consider the possibilities and then I went across the hall to check another room out. I liked it much better because the layout for computer desks have them up against the wall which leaves space for desks in the center. It has a separate office with better storage space and a second storage room that has a sink and even more cabinets. The room will also be getting new carpet in it which is a plus. Both rooms would need to be painted which is o.k. I talked to my principal and he indicated that I could choose either room and said I could have some additional storage outside the room. I think he really wants me to move but he isn't forcing me. But it would make things easier on him in the long run with his room planning which would allow the math and science department to be all on the same floor/hallway. It would also keep me near the other speech teacher as he will get the other room. So I think I've basically talked myself into it. I would lose a good deal of storage within the classroom itself (nice long shelf of built ins with lots of cabinets and drawers), but I would have two separate storage rooms that could also be used for my interp students to practice. I could also use one of the storage areas across the hall as an extemp room exclusively which is something that took up quite a bit of space within my room before. I would also be able to get more computers and keep adding some each year (hopefully). There are no windows in the room, but that is more of a bonus because even though I had a nice long row of windows in my other room, we heard the pigeons out there all the time. I will miss the nice long shelf along the windows however. Now, the question is what color do I paint the room this time? I am betting the carpet will be blue. (It seems all the rooms end up with dark blue carpet). Well, that's it for now. I'm heading to my concert shortly.


Anonymous said...

It does sound like it will be a good move in the end, configuration wise for the school. I hope the storage situation will work out for you, there are so many things out there now for storing and organizing these days. Do you have an Ikea store there? THey have great storage ideas for a good price.

Annabel said...

No, there's no Ikea store around here. I'm sure I'll make do with storage for a while. Sometimes I can scrounge for room leftovers before school starts.