Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's HERE!

We actually have the last Harry Potter book here at home. Well, Josh has it in his bedroom and I took a sleeping pill so I'll quit fretting over the fact that I have to wait until tomorrow to read it. We went to Hastings at 10:30 and people started standing in line around 11:30. They started selling at 12:00 on the dot and it took another 15 minutes to get through the line (and we somehow were close to the front). They had trivia questions, contests and some people were dressed as their favorite characters. It was interesting. I probably should have gotten two books, but I'm too cheap and I'll just have to be patient. I wanted to post tonight because there may not be a post tomorrow.. at least until I'm done with the book and that will depend on when Josh finishes the book. I have an invitation to go to a real party tomorrow night, but I think I'm going to pass on going. I'm such a nerd. Maybe that's why I can't get a date. I need to date a nerd and they're like me... they stay at home reading or messing with computers. Well such is life. Hope y'all have a good day tomorrow and I'll post again when I'm finished with the book. (And no, I won't give any spoilers away.)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for not giving away spoilers. I have to wait for my mailman to deliver mine today. And then...I won't get a chance to read it until hubby finishes it first, cuz...I was too cheap to buy 2 copies, too. Ha.

abbagirl74 said...

What's up with all of the nerd talk? That is soooo not you. At least from what I have seen.